ImagineCreate AI

AI Image and Video Generator for Commerce
Merchants and Agencies

Generate and share high-quality product images and videos instantly using our AI tools. Designed for
e-commerce brands, agencies, and creators.

Say goodbye to product photoshoots and video sets! Transform product images into high-performing visuals and videos for your brand’s website and social channels.

Generate new backgrounds in seconds

Easily upload or select an image of your product and our system will automatically remove the existing background. Generate new high-quality backgrounds in seconds by simply describing the scene surrounding your product exactly as you want – no sets needed!

Create new product photos instantly

Generate visual inspiration for your next product line. Imagine the product you want to sell, and create an image instantly by describing your vision and key features.

Enhance your photos using editor tools

Customize your generated photos with creator editing tools to make sure they’re designed exactly as you want. Easily add brand elements, styling, promotional messaging, and more.

Create videos in a few clicks BETA

Turn your ideas into videos using our text-to-video AI tool. Just describe the video you want to create and watch the magic happen. Ready to share as ads or organic content on your website and social channels.

Generate captions and easily share across channels

Easily optimize aspect ratios, add captions or descriptions, and share your new photos and videos directly on your website and social channels. Our Shopify app even directly integrates with your store admin!

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